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Fungi Project Starts

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

As part of the Covid Emergency response fund from the national lottery we have established a community mushroom growing project called Mushroom Mayhem.

Continuing Synergy's commitment to supporting projects that don't fit with other schemes we have invested a small amount of money in a mushroom growing project. This project is working towards being self sustaining.

Working with a local hobby mycologist we have set up a growing tent which enables the correct environment, humidity, temperature etc.

Using the local expertise enables us to share the skills with young people involved with our other projects.

The eventual aim of the project is to create a self sustaining local mushroom growing community enterprise. This will grow high value mushrooms and then sell them to local people and food establishments. In a further #synergy with our other projects it will make use of our electric bike scheme to make deliveries and collect coffee grounds from local coffee shops to use as a growing medium substrate. #mushroom #green #entrepreneur


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