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These pre-spawned mushroom bags are ready for you to grow your own mushrooms at home.

We have sterilised the straw so it is free of other contaminants and have 'inoculated' the straw with mycelium.  We then incubate this in our special mushroom tent and all you have to do is keep the bag in a suitable place at home.


Once you receive the bag examine it closely daily and look for any 'pinning'. Pinning is the start of the mushroom fruits growing: they are pin like tiny shapes, sometimes instead of pins you will see clusters of growth that is the same colour as the type of mushroom you have chosen.... perhaps he size of a 1 pence.  See Picture.

If no pins have appeared in a couple of days piece the bag in a couple of places with a fork to allow air exchange.

If there are several pins pick the best looking or largest cluster. 

Cut an inch cross in the plastic bag close to the cluster.  This is to allow the pinning to get some air and begin growing more.  Ignore the other pins and they will abort.  This allows all the energy of the mycelium to go to a single point so you get good sized growth in your chosen location.

Moisten the area straight after pinning witb a couple of squirts from a misting or spray bottle filled with clean water.

Once your chosen pin starts to fruit then you need to begin to monitor the bag daily.  The mushrooms will suddenly grow and once this starts you need to ensure that they do not dry out.  Spray the mushrooms at least twice a day and no more than 5 times in a day.  Kepp them out of direct sunlight and in a room that is between 6 and 30 degrees C.  A bathroom is an ideal plavce as they tend to be a bit more humid but any room will do.

The bag should fruit 2 to 3 times but sometimes they go on producing for a while, each flush getting smaller.

To harvest the mushrooms gently tear the mushrooms from the substrate and continue spraying daily the hole to keep the substate moist.  It is important that this does not dry out.  The new pins should start within a week.  Inspect the bag daily and closely and repeat cutting a new cross in the bag  if pins appear in a new location.

Please note that this is a natural process and subect to many variables and we cannot garentee that you will always be successful.  If you have any questions please get back in touch via our web form on the website.




Mushroom Bag Grow at Home -

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